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Change Management for Artificial Intelligence

Whether it’s robotics, self-driving cars, smartwatches, or any of the myriad of other products that utilize AI, we aim to facilitate the market adoption of your groundbreaking product or AI services.

To this end, our team evaluates your product, functioning as genuine end-users. After this assessment, we provide you with an approach to facilitate end-users adoption along with a user impact assessment report. This report will describe how customers would feel while using your product or service. This will help our AI implementation consultants make the proper adjustments where needed based on end-users' expectations.

Our Key Differences

  1. We Work for Your Customers, not Our Clients: We focus our efforts on the adoption and usability of the products and services you create. This puts us in a unique role as customers' ambassadors. Avoiding a focus on our clients keeps us alert and unbiased for the benefit of your customers. This is the key Ocentiv difference.
  2. Provide and Execute Change Management Plans: Many Organizations take more than 4 to 8 months on average to come up with a workable plan to release their new products or services. Our process helps you deliver that within weeks
  3. Targeted Usability Report (TUR): Unveil which issues will hinder customer satisfaction
  4. Global Assessment Report (GAR): Based on a broad international sampling of end-users, this report provides confidence in the viability of your output in all markets, reducing the liability of potential upgrades, post-launch corrections and recalls.

An example: The Problem With Voice Recognition

Accents create difficult problems for voice recognition and weaken the user experience for too many products. By employing diverse teams of global testers, we help you maximize the effectiveness and usability of your products across cultural boundaries.

In our analysis, we are not simply testing for bugs and providing a list of problems. Our goal is to communicate to our customers the actual experiences of the end-users: their needs, wants, and feelings when they encounter a problem or bug. This valuable data helps designers and manufacturers evaluate the relative importance of problems to set clearer priorities for product iterations and continuous improvement.

The Critical Difference

While other firms focus on American and Euro-centric end-users, our Change Management Approach is focused on the global market. Business trends tell us that new users mostly now come from other parts of the world and you need a strong and reliable partner to help you reach and impact everyone.

Ocentiv AI: The Definitive Leader in Change Management

By rethinking Change Models, Ocentiv delivers universally reliable evaluations of projects, devices, machines, and services designed to interact with consumers. We understand that a seamless user experience means more satisfied, loyal customers and great adoption. If you’re looking for change management firms in San Francisco, CA, that can help with AI implementation, contact us today.

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