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Ocentiv AI is the team player you need for bridging loopholes in new business processes. Whether you need help with AI product testing or creating a change management process, contact our AI consulting firm today. You can see what our clients are saying about our AI change management in San Francisco, CA.

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"I worked with Olivier while he was the localization program manager for Google Docs. Olivier is a great project and program manager, and during his time at Google he was well respected across the company. Olivier transitioned Google Docs to me, and it was clear that he was admired by Docs leadership for his overall reliability and commitment to product quality. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Google Drive are large scale products with globally dispersed teams, and Oliver was able to handle it with ease. I'm very happy to recommend Olivier and his top quality work!"

-Ian Hill, Google Inc

"Olivier can motivate teams and inspire leaders. He brings a fresh, worldly and humane perspective to everything he does. He is a dedicated, loyal and excellent relationship builder. If you have the opportunity to hire, work for or with this man, I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of that opportunity. I am truly a better person for having had the opportunity to work with him and I am blessed to call him a friend."

- Heather M., Senior Manager, Cisco Systems Inc.

"Highest recommendations for Olivier's expertise in global business processes and excellent ability to work across organizations, teams, cultures, and languages to develop collaborative, winning solutions. Olivier is remarkable for his resourcefulness, relationship-building skills, ability to convey his technical knowledge to varied audiences, and his impeccable follow-up. Olivier is a highly-sought multilingual expert in worldwide localization efforts, and he delivers superb value to each project."

- Kathryn W., Engineering Enablement, Cisco Systems Inc.

"Olivier is an excellent change management project manager. His analytical and creative problem-solving skills provided stakeholders and customers with seamless transitions when adapting to change. Olivier has exceptional people skills, which gives him the ability to ask difficult questions while putting both executives and staff level stakeholders at ease. I hope our paths cross in the future, he's a great asset to a team and a great leader."

- Alison Armstrong, Salesforce Director, San Francisco, CA

"I had the privilege of working with Olivier at Cisco Systems on the Services Canada Francization program. There are select people in an organization that you can trust to carry the full responsibility for the planning, managing, and executing large projects involving multiple players, and Olivier is one of those individuals. He was a true pillar during the entire web localization initiative! In front of vendors, Olivier is a statesman: a thorough professional, an excellent listener, and always seeking the common ground. Within the company, he is a collaborative team player, and can be relied upon to lead multifaceted projects diligently and through example. I highly recommend him."

- Angel T., Marketing-Cisco Systems

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