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Our Process

QA For Artificial Intelligence

Whether it’s robotics, self-driving cars, smart watches, or any of the myriad of other products that utilize AI, our aim is to test the functionality and usability of machines that interact with people.


To this end, we employ testers globally who evaluate and test your product, functioning as genuine end-users. At the conclusion of these tests, we provide you with a detailed product usability report and user impact statement that describes how users feel while using your product, highlighting any bugs or pain points and wants or needs of the product.


Diverse global testing is fundamental to our business model. We don't just analyze how products will perform in one country or region. Unlike that of our competitors, our analysis is global-centric.

Our Key Differences

In our QA assessment of your AI products or services, we provide the following:


Targeted Usability Report (TUR): Explains how an identified defect or issue hinders customer satisfaction


Global Assessment Report (GAR): Based on a broad international sampling of end-users, this report provides confidence on the viability of your output in all markets, reducing the liability of potential upgrades, post-launch corrections and recalls


Money-Back Guarantee: Unique in the QA industry, Ocentiv offers our clients an unconditional guarantee: if you find a usability bug in your product after our assessment, you receive a full refund.


Ocentiv AI is the only QA partner who allows you to test your products in the hands of end-users worldwide. We take the pulse of the global marketplace: That's the Ocentiv AI difference.


An example: The Problem With Voice Recognition

Accents create difficult problems for voice recognition and weaken the user experience for too many products. By employing diverse teams of global testers, we help you maximize the effectiveness and usability of your products across cultural boundaries.


In our analysis, we are not simply testing for bugs and providing a list of problems. Our goal is to communicate to our customers the actual experiences of the end-users: their needs, wants, and feelings when they encounter a problem or bug. This valuable data helps designers and manufacturers evaluate the relative importance of problems to set clearer priorities for product iterations and continuous improvement.

The Critical Difference

While other firms focus on American and Euro-centric end-users, our testing is performed globally. Business trends tell us that most new users are now coming from other parts of the world. The global marketplace is crucial for any product, and our testing models are the first to take these end-users into account.

Ocentiv AI: The Definitive Step in Quality Assurance

By rethinking our testing models, Ocentiv delivers universally reliable evaluations of the many devices, machines and services designed to interact with consumers. We understand that a seamless user experience means more satisfied, loyal customers.

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