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Ocentiv AI is deeply vested in the success of our customers’ products, and we offer a full roster of services to help you more effectively meet the needs and expectations of your end-users.

Our core offerings include:

• Content Localization and Transcription Services in 40+ languages

• Product and Service Performance Assessments

• Product Usability and Global Service Assessments

• QA Testing

Our specialized testing protocols produce invaluable metrics, the precise data you need for better product usability. But that’s just the beginning: Once we’ve submitted our initial reports, we take an active role in helping you re-test the end product until it earns the final global stamp of approval. Only when your product has been fully vetted and approved for all markets, that our job is complete.

Artificial Intelligence Trials and Usability Testing

Our time spent working inside leading firms like Google and Cisco Systems has taught our management team a few things.

At Ocentiv AI we improve those odds, working to make sure your AI-products resonate with end-users and persist over time. Our aim is to optimize the usability of your product, pinpointing any gaps, pain points or shortcomings perceived by end-users, and make recommendations to correct those issues.

Your internal QA team is good, but to be certain your product is ready for the marketplace, you also need expert  from a qualified and unbiased third party. Through rigorous quality assurance and viable usability analyses conducted by your potential end-users in a wide range of cultural contexts, we give you the data and market insights to launch your product with complete confidence.


Ocentiv AI is a San Francisco-based company, with services available across the globe.


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