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Health care has reached a tipping point. From making sense of the Affordable Care Act to the cascade of change in biotech, the industry is in flux. Clear communication is critical, because health care pivots on people.

Ocentiv understands this. We humanize the change management process so your organization and those you serve can thrive in an evolving environment.

There’s nothing “standard” about our approach. We design and deliver custom, resource-rich solutions tailored to meet your vision, mission, and objectives — a unified program that will ensure a successful transition. Our signature process creates compelling success metrics for greater efficiency, streamlined operations, and enhanced employee and patient satisfaction.

And we don’t stop there. Once Ocentiv implements the solution that fits your organization’s needs, our definitive follow-through enables our team to maintain and measure results. Ocentiv invests in your ongoing success by mentoring key staff to lead future change management initiatives. We take pride in surpassing our clients’ expectations.

Ocentiv is the new face of health care change management for a new era: personalized, measurable outcomes and team training that leave everyone in your organization excited about their future.

We invite you to book us now, and begin transforming your organization.

Ocentiv for seamless change management

“Olivier is outstanding! He is a solid professional with a great work ethic who works closely with clients to execute delivery of expected results. His personality allows him to develop strong relationships effectively to deliver a quality product. His leadership was thorough, setting examples for his team, and people admired his discipline. Olivier is a key individual to lead your development team. I strongly recommend him!”

Derek LembergerCustomer Advocacy, Cisco Systems Inc.

“Olivier is not only very good at what he does, he is a pleasure to work with. That combination of ability and approachability has made him a great asset to the team. Not only has he been there and proved himself a great co-worker in tough moments, his dedication and enthusiasm for the work he does is exemplary”

Rebecca SteelmanSenior Strategist, Consumer Operations, Google Inc.

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