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Prior to any product launch, our expert quality assurance team performs a battery of tests and evaluations dedicated to improving the viability and functionality of your product. We conduct a rigorous program of testing and assessment to ensure that your products and services actually work as intended. Acting on behalf of the ultimate end-user, we explore a range of examinations, analyses, and trials to discover any glitches or flaws that would otherwise hinder the intended experience. 

Our examinations are conducted on a global basis, ensuring that your product has viability not just for the U.S. consumer, but for the world-wide marketplace.

Ocentiv is the definitive last step in the quality assurance process for Ai — delivering measurable evaluations of machines, devices and services that interact to help people.

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At Ocentiv Ai, our organization specializes in helping companies guide their products through the rigorous Quality Assurance process. In the rapidly evolving industry of Ai, products or services that have not been globally validated will be more subjected to potential recalls, and burdensome, with costly upgrades. Ocentiv Ai is your industry partner and a trusted resource in making sure your Ai product or service genuinely works as it should, and legitimately helps to improve the lives of people.

From best practices and process enhancements, to test metrics identification and collection, our team of consultants and test engineers combine the breadth of experience you'd expect from a large organization with the personalized insight of an agile boutique consultancy. We are your advocate and last stop for superior Quality Assurance, committed to your success, and to making your products and services compelling for all users on a global scale.

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